Weed/Grass Control

One mans weed is another mans wildflowers.

We are concerned about areas that are not under control.  Weeds and long grass that has been neglected.  A wildflower area that is within a private yard where the remainder of the yard is cared for is not a violation of the ordinance.


Illinois law requires that home owners keep their yard mowed to a height of no more that 8″ and obnoxious weeds be removed. We have received a number complaints about foreclosed/abandoned homes that have grass over 8″ and an abundance of weeds. It is the policy of Lisle Township that the last known home owner receives a certified letter from the township that if they do not mow their property, the township will contract the mowing and a lien of not less than $500.00 will be placed against the property and the owner is responsible for the mowing cost.

To file a complaint, please call Bill Green (Code Enforcement Officer) at 630-968-2087   x18

(Filing a complaint is a process.  Resolution of the complaint can take anywhere from 1 to 45 days.  Daily updates are not given on complaints)

The Illinois statute is 60 ILCS 1