Passport Applications


Lisle Township is a Passport Acceptance Agency.

The most common application form is DS-11, Application for a U.S. Passport. To apply for a U.S. Passport, you must have one of each of the following:

1. Proof of Citizenship: Certified Copy of Birth Certificate, Certificate of Naturalization or an Expired Passport (issued in the last 15 years). All documents must be sealed, certified originals. No photo copies will be accepted.

2. Identification: A Valid Photo ID is required. A Drivers License or State ID are acceptable forms of identification. The ID must include: your photo, signature, issue date and expiration date.

3. Passport Photos: Passport-specific photos are 2″x2″ in size. They should be recent and be a clear likeness of the bearer. The photos must be clear, front view, full face, eyes open, with a plain white. The Lisle Township Passport Acceptance Agency will take your passport photographs (set of two identical photographs) for a fee of 10.00.

4. Form of Payment: There are two separate fees (Application fee and Execution fee) involved when applying for your passport using a DS-11 form.

Application fees must be in the form of a Check or Money Order payable to: U.S. Department of State.

Execution fees may be a check or currency for $35.00 payable to Lisle Township.

Photo fees may be a check or currency for $10.00 for each set payable to Lisle Township.

Regular Processing – 6 Weeks Expedited Processing – 2 Weeks*
(Must go to Chicago Office)
Adult (Age 16 & Older) $110.00
Children (Under 16) $80.00
Add $60.00 Per Application and (optional) Overnight Return Delivery ($12.76)

All fees are set by the Department of State and are subject to change.

*If international departure is less than two weeks away, or passport is needed for foreign visas, application at a Regional Passport Agency may be advised. An appointment required. Visit for more information.

Minors 16 years old and older must be present to sign the application. Children under age 16 must be present and accompanied by both parents.

Passport Renewal By Mail (Customer Submits His/Her Renewal)

You may qualify to submit your passport renewal yourself using form DS-82, Application for a U.S. Passport by Mail only if:

  1. You can submit your most recent U.S. passport book and/or U.S. passport card with your application
  2. You were at least 16 years old when your most recent U.S. passport and/or U.S. passport card was issued
  3. You were issued your most recent U.S. passport book and/or U.S. passport card less than 15 years ago.
  4. You use the same name as on your most recent U.S. passport book and/or U.S. passport card – OR – you have had your name changed by marriage or court order and can submit proper documentation to reflect your name change (marriage certificate or court order).

If you use Form DS-82, there is no execution fee.

Lisle Township Passport Agency Office Hours:
Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Appointments are required.
4711 Indiana Ave.
Lisle, IL 60532
Phone: (630) 968-2087

Friday afternoons are the busiest time.  Though we will assist you anytime during our posted hours.


All Federal Holidays and the Friday after Thanksgiving