Tree Maintenance


The Township does not have an arborist on staff.

We remove hazardous limbs for the safety of pedestrians and vehicles.  We remove dead or diseased trees.

Last year we treated many parkway ash trees with a root injection to combat the emerald ash borer disease.  Those treated trees have a small metal tag attached.

This year we have treated the tagged trees with the root injection again, unless the evidence of ash borer disease is extensive.  If a parkway tree is dead we will cut it down, remove the stump and restore the area with dirt and seed.

Please call or email us if a parkway tree has died.


Trees may be planted in the parkways.  One is allowed per lot – two if it’s a corner lot.

Here is a list of acceptable trees for parkway planting.

                                                 PARKWAY TREES  
For areas with adequate side and overhead space.  Mature heights >50 feet.     
  Common Name  Scientific Name  Planting Season Native Tolerates Adverse Conditions  
 Oak (except pin oak)  Quercus spp.   Spring Only Yes Varies  
 Hackberry  Celtis occidentalis   Spring and Fall Yes Yes  
 Hickory  Carya spp.   Spring Only Yes No  
 Kentucky Coffee Tree  Gymnocladus dioica   Spring and Fall Yes Yes  
 Beech  Fagus spp.   Spring Only Yes No  
 Catalpa  Catalpa spp.   Spring and Fall Yes Yes  
 Honeylocust  Gleditsia tricanthos   Spring and Fall Yes Yes  
 Black Gum  Nyssa sylvatica   Spring Only Yes Varies  
 Maple (except silver and boxelder)  Acer spp.   Spring and Fall Yes Yes  
 Turkish Filbert  Corylus colurna   Spring and Fall Yes Varies  
 Linden (Basswood)  Tilia spp.   Spring Only Both avail. Varies  
 Gingko, male only  Gingko biloba   Spring and Fall No Yes  
 London Plane Tree  Platanus acerifolia   Spring and Fall No Varies  
 Bald Cypress  Taxodium distichum   Spring and Fall Yes Varies  
 Elm, disease resistant  Ulmus spp.   Spring and Fall No Yes  
Trees not recommended due to unsuitability to urban conditions:          
Pin Oak (Quercus palustris); Red Maple (Acer rubrum).  
Trees prohibited for parkway planting:          
Ash (Fraxinus spp.); Boxelder Maple (Acer negundo); Bradford pear (Pyrus spp.); Elms not disease resistant (Ulmus spp.);   
Evergreens (Abies, Arborvitae, Picea, Juniperus); Poplar (Populus spp.); Silver Maple (Acer saccharinum);        
Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus altissima); and Willow (Salix spp.).
1. Tree branching must not interfere with overhead utilities, structures, or truck traffic.          
2. One parkway tree permitted per standard lot; two permitted for corner lots.          
3. Minimum trunk diameter is 2-1/2 inches unless otherwise approved.     Bitmap

Prepared by:  
4. Locate all underground utilities prior to digging.        JAMES J. BENES AND ASSOCIATES, INC.