Snow and Ice

Lisle Township will begin salting when the snow or ice starts to accumulate and affect traffic safety.  We generally spread rock salt, which is sometimes treated with liquid calcium chloride.

We spray streets with a pre-wetting brine solution when we anticipate snow or icy conditions. That keeps the roads clear and safe longer, until our plows and salt spreaders can move into action.

If snow accumulation reaches 2 to 3 inches, our crew will begin snow plowing.  First we plow arterial and secondary roads.  Cul-de-sacs and dead-end streets are done last.  This priority system keeps open the roads that serve the greatest number of people.

To enable us to perform snow removal operations efficiently, parking is prohibited on Township roads during any snowfall of two (2) inches or more and for 24 hours after that.  Any person violating this ordinance may be ticketed and fined.  Vehicles may be towed.

At times, heavy slush discharged from a plow will knock down a mailbox.  Most mailboxes, if properly placed and installed, will withstand heavy slush. The Township will NOT be responsible for damage done to mailboxes knocked down by heavy snow or slush.

Visibility is often poor while the crew is snowplowing.  Therefore, we may occasionally hit your mailbox or damage your grass.  If your mailbox is damaged because we accidentally hit it with our truck or plow, please call our office and we will replace it with a standard box and post.  A property owner who installs decorative materials in the parkway does so at their own risk.  When weather permits, we will also repair any grass damaged by us.


Before winter, please make sure that your mailbox is properly fastened to the pole!

For the safety of our snowplowers, items such as rocks, bushes, fences, hedgewalls, and timbers should NOT be placed on the parkways. Homeowners who have such objects may be liable for any damages or injuries that those objects may cause.  We DO allow homeowners to place reflectors on 1/2″ thick aluminum stakes in the parkway.

The Fire Departments that service our township request that you clear snow away from any fire hydrants that are in front of your home.