A township permit/bond is required for almost all construction projects at properties along the roads that we maintain in unincorporated Lisle Township. Some examples are driveway or roof replacements, decks, additions, demolitions, interior renovations, new construction and more.

Most construction work that requires a DuPage County building permit also requires a Lisle Township Highway Dept. entrance permit/bond.  There are a few projects that require county building permits but are exempt from township permits:  fences, satellite dishes, sheds without a concrete base, underground sprinkler systems and alarm systems.


To apply for and receive a permit/bond, call our office.  In most instances it can be ready for you the next day.

The permit/bond amount is refundable after the project is completed if no damage is found within the Township’s right-of-way.  Should there be any damage to the sidewalk, ditch, parkway, curb or road that is not fixed by you, we will make repairs and deduct that cost from the bond.  There is also a $50 fee that is not refundable.

To get a permit/bond refund: When your construction project is complete and after the county inspector gives approval, contact our office to set up an inspection of the right-of-way.

Some items to note:

  • Driveway lights, sprinkler systems and invisible dog fencing CANNOT be installed in the right-of-way, or parkway.
  • Bonds expire two years after issuance, unless special arrangements are made with us.
  • Unauthorized work may be removed. The owner will be charged for removal costs.

This is only a guide and not all-inclusive.  Permit fees are subject to change.