Newsletter (Includes outdated Newsflashes)


Winter is knocking at our front door.  The township is prepared for anything mother nature can throw at us.  The highway department is equipped with plows and salt for our roads and safety.  The Supervisors office has made some renovations that will assist our residents that visit the township offices.

A new and improved food pantry.  A heated enclosed waiting area allowing pantry goers a warm place to wait for food distribution.  Too often it was noticed that participants were forced to stand or sit in the cold or rain, while waiting for food.

Easy access.  For a long time, those with disabilities that need walkers, wheelchairs etc had a little navigating to do to enter the building.  Though the old way was compliant with regulations it was still a bit difficult.  With a grant, the Township was able to secure the financing of a wheel chair lift.  The wheel chair lift has been installed in the new vestibule in front of the building.  The staff has been trained in operating the lift and is ready to help anyone that needs it.  (On a note, it has been enlightening as to how many people that need the lift are very good at operating the lift themselves.  I have learned a great deal form those doing so)

Please be aware that there are several days in the near future that the township offices will be closed.  Emergency services will always be available.

Feel free to call us anytime at 630-968-2087




Lisle Township Commemorates Sandy Hook Victims

Over 35 persons participated in a ceremony at the township on December 21, 2012 to commemorate the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. The memorial, held at 8:30 a.m. (CST), marked the exact moment one week after the tragedy. Jim Vondran facilitated the group of township employees, food pantry volunteers, elected officials, and firefighters from the Lisle-Woodridge Fire Protection District.

After asking for a moment of silence, Mr. Vondran explained that the bell would be rung 26 times. He stated, “We ring this bell for four distinct reasons, first to REMEMBER the 26 victims, 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School; second, to HONOR the teachers, administrators, and staff at Sandy Hook, who gallantly reacted to a situation for which they trained, as in all schools in this country, though this time it was not a drill; third, to THANK the first responders, the firefighters and police, and all the waves of additional responders, clergy, counselors, and those who arrived to give comfort amidst the grief; and finally for us, who in this small way, stand in SOLIDARITY with the families and residents of Newtown, Connecticut.”

Participants were then invited the come forward and peal the bell, once for each victim. Following the solemn bell ringing, Mr. Vondran said, “That concludes our ceremony. Thank you all for coming. [Ringing the bell] Twenty-six times is lot. Let’s hope that we never have to do this again.”


As our hottest and driest summer of all time continues, it’s just about time for the Township children to go back to school.  Take special care while driving as kids will be out walking and biking to school.  Make your trip to work and their trip to school safe, slow down.

LIHEAP will again be available and will be administered at the Supervisors office by appointment only.  Beginning at 8:30 AM on September 4th, calls for appointment will begin.  Those seniors and those disabled will be given the first appointments.  Applicants are invited to make an appointment at the Township and also an appointment at the County.  Once an applicant has the two appointments, select the one that is sooner and don’t forget to cancel the other.




Spring has sprung and things have been busy at the township.  Passports have been very active leading up to spring break and all the traveling of our residents.  We hope they all had a great time.  Transportation assistance is always available at the township offices.  Those that qualify due to age or dissability can come in and sign up to ride on Pace, Metra and the Chicago CTA lines for reduced or free fares.  Ride DuPage is another program for those who qualify.  Call the office for more information.  The food pantry continues to serve the residents three days a week and has been vey busy,  Perhaps one day the food pantry won’t need to be busy, wouldn’t that be great?  This web page is a project in the works.  If anyone has suggestions, feel free to e-mail them to  We want the best information available to all of you at the click of a mouse.  It’s a big website and in helping us, we can help you.




This year for the holiday season, Laura Pantaleo (the Lisle & Woodridge representative for the Salvation Army) was given a supply of $25.00 Aldi’s gift certificates to be given out to people receiving Salvation Army assistance. The recipients were very grateful to receive this gift and were able to purchase food for the holidays.




Youth and Family update:

Celebrated Christmas with our annual “non office “ Christmas party for the members of the Lisle Township Job Club.  The party was  held at the Community Career Center on Dec .21st after the 9:30 networking meeting. The Job club members brought items for the Lisle Township Food Pantry as  their way of paying it forward.


Joy Maguire- Dooley was asked to give a presentation with Ben Seigel from the Dept of Labor on Dec 6th in Chicago at the White House Office of Faith based and Neighborhood Partnerships conference “Connecting Communities for the Common Good.”  Executive Director Joshua DuBois and Mayor Rahm Emanuel co hosted the conference.  Ben and Joy did a breakout on the value of Job Clubs.


Barbara Forrest Onchuck represented the Youth and Family dept at Hanover Township for the meeting of AITCOY.  Subsequently, Barbara was elected as the treasurer of AITCOY at it’s January meeting. Barbara also attends the Woodridge Wellness Committee meetings.  Barbara leads the weekly Resume Writing meetings every Monday at the Woodrige Library at 10 am Barbara was asked to do an after school session for Lisle Junior High school students relating to alcohol and drug prevention.


Janet Rand was the guest speaker at the Lisle Library for the Lisle Township Job Club that meets the last Friday of the month. The meetings facilitated by Joy Maguire-Dooley are networking meetings with a speaker. These meetings begin at 10am as well.  Janet spoke about how the job search campaign looks in the 21st century.


We host the West Suburban Jobs Council committee meetings here at Lisle Township  6 times a year. The monthly meetings are held in Wheaton at Metropolitan Services. This is a consortium of organizations dedicated to helping people get back to paid employment.



The Township hosts it’s final Trustee meeting of the calander year tonight at 7:30.  The public is welcome to attend.

The Food Pantry is alive and well distributing food for those in need.

The Holidays can be a tough time of year.  Emotions run high and plenty of anxiety can go along with it.  Joy and Barbara (our Township counselors) are on hand to help counsel those feelings.  If you are having any issues with feeling blue or just need a person to listen to you, feel free to call upon them at 630-968-2087.

Please watch the dates board for possible office closings etc.  We at the Township are ready and willing to fill your needs wherever and whenever possible.


Joy Maguire-Dooley spent Tuesday the 15th at the Naperville library discussing tips for joyful holidays in an era of job loss and chrinic stress.  Some of the ideas were, Physical activity, Listen to music / dance, Laugh, and several others.  Joy’s efforts were backed up by a story printed on 11/19 in the Naperville Sun.

The Township Holiday programs are well underway.  Those enrolled in the Thanksgiving portion will receive turkeys donated by the Lisle Kiwanis on Tuesday the 22nd.  Holiday gift programs are also underway as those in need are being paired with Holiday donors.  Both programs had October 31st deadlines for applicants.

LIHEAP is still being handled jointly between the Townships and DuPage county.  With limited manpower at the Township level, it is urged that LIHEAP clients should contact both (Township and County) to get on the appointment calendars and attend whichever appointment comes first.  In the meantime, don’t forget to cancel the appointment that won’t be used in order to help others also awaiting an appointment.

The web page will have important dates (such as closures and meetings) listed on the front page.  Information will be visible for 60 days into the future.  Dates beyond 60 days can be accessed by clicking on “EVENTS” on the Township home page.

Pictures!   Do you have a picture of anything going on in Lisle Township?  Or perhaps a picture of Lisle Township scenery?  E-Mail them to and we will make an effort to post them on the home page.  By e-mailing a photo to the township, you authorize the township to post the picture on the home page for viewing only.


Oct 3, 2011

From: Charles B. Clarke

Lisle Township Supervisor

LIHEAP continues to drain our human resources at the
Township with the average application taking close to 1 hour to complete. This
is a state program being run by the County and the Township helping out with
the applications. We have had volunteers from the Lisle Township Job Club
helping out; however we are able to process about 4 to 5 applications per week.
We are still taking names and putting people on a “wait list” first come first
served. As of today we have in excess of 120 people on that “wait list.” I
strongly suggest anyone eligible for this program to contact DuPage County.

You can still apply for a passport at the Township office (4711 Indiana Ave.)
during the week from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm, Monday thru Friday. Access DuPage and
Ride DuPage applications can also be completed at the Township building.

Are you veteran and have questions about your benefits,
contact Jim Vondran our Veterans Affair Officer. Food Pantry questions call for
Lois Biggins, Job Club is handled by Joy Dooley and Barbara Forrest Onchuck ,
for family assistance contact Laura Pantaleo. Bill Green has assumed the financial duties
for the Township.

Our monthly meetings are the second Wednesday of the month,
they begin at 7:30 pm, we have time set aside for public comment. This is your
building and we encourage your attendance and solicit your comments.

Enjoy the fall and I encourage you to attend our monthly

Charles B. Clarke


Food Pantry, Lois Biggins begins her 2nd tour of duty as the Director of the food pantry.  Lois welcomes the challenge in taking on her new responsibility and to enhance the program.

Supervisors office, Bill Green has assumed the duties of Director of Finance.  Bill will be responsible for day to day book keeping and township payroll responsibilities.

Holiday Programs, the holiday programs are getting started,  Jim Vondran will once again be conducting these very valuable programs.  He can be reached at the supervisors office.

LIHEAP, many changes have taken place in the State LIHEAP programs.  Township staff is doing it’s best to see everyone as quickly as possible.  Unfortunately, this will be a slow process this year.  The counselors that will be assisting in LIHEAP appreciate your patience in this program.  Call in to the supervisors office to be placed on the call list.

Electronic recycling day was held on Saturday the 24th.  Though the turnout was fairly low, those that did drop off items commented that it was nice to have a program like this.

Shred day will be held on October 1st.  Those with document shredding needs should come to the Township parking lot between 10:00 and noon.  2 containers of documents will be shredded for free.

7/19/2011   LIHEAP

LIHEAP continues to be a topic of conversation.  LIHEAP is not offered during the summer months and is expected to be reinstated in September for the winter months.  Please call the Supervisors office in September for a LIHEAP appointment.

SNAP visits Lisle Township

SNAP, the current program (known as food stamps) came to visit Lisle Township on Friday the 8th.  The case worker from SNAP visited with several township residents in order to help them secure food assistance.  SNAP will start a program where they will visit the township every other month.  If you or anyone you know is in need of food assistance, please have them contact Bill Green at the food pantry or Laura Pantaleo in the supervisors office.

JULY 2011, The birth of the Current News


We are pleased to announce that Barbara Forrest Onchuck has joined our staff as a licensed professional counselor.  Barbara is well versed in all aspects of family issues and is open for appointments 15 hours a week.. One of Barbara’s favorite areas of expertise is the teen/young adult population.  We are delighted to have Barbara on board.

The counseling for Lisle Township residents covers the gamut of issues:  addictions, loss and grief, individual and family counseling.

The Lisle Township Job Clubs serve as a support and networking resource for those folks out of paid employment.  We meet every Monday at 10 am for Resume review at the Woodridge Library, every Wednesday at the Community Career Center in Naperville at 9:30 and 11:30 for networking and the last Friday of the month there is a networking meeting and speaker presentation at 10 am at the Lisle Library.  More information is on our web site.  No reservations are needed.  The groups are free and open to all.

Joy Maguire-Dooley, Director of the Youth and Family Services, was asked to join a roundtable discussion in Washington, D.C., at the Department of Labor.  Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis facilitated the discussion on Job Clubs.  There is an initiative to roll out Job Clubs across the country and collaborate with the One Stop Shop Work nets in each of the states.  Since Lisle Township started the job club 20 years ago, Joy was asked to give the background and historic perspective on job clubs.  Secretary Solis was very complimentary as to the sustainability of the club.

At a separate occasion, Joy was awarded the lifetime achievement award for her work in the field of unemployment by President Barack Obama.

In the area of jobs, Joy has been co-hosting a weekly radio show called Job Talk.  The show is in its 7th year.  The show airs every Thursday from 4-5 pm on 1530 am.  Call in with any job concerns or questions you might have. The number to call is 708 493 1530.

Any questions?? We are here to help.  Call Barbara or Joy at 968 1880.


There are a number of programs available to township residents that can provide assistance to the needy. Each program has certain financial and non-financial requirements that must be met in order to determine eligibility. If eligible, a family can receive temporary assistance for basic needs if experiencing financial difficulty. Basic needs would include food, rent, utilities, personal hygiene items and gasoline. If you are in need of assistance, contact Laura Pantaleo at (630) 968-2087 ext. 12 for a determination of eligibility.

All assistance is done by appointment only.


We also provide help with applications and referrals for other programs not funded by the township including:

Access DuPage

Circuit Breaker

Liheap (Energy Assistance)

Salvation Army (Lisle and Woodridge residents only)

St. Vincent DePaul – Basic Needs Request

Circuit Breaker is a state administered program that assists income eligible seniors age 65 and up, and persons with disabilities in 3 possible areas.  If eligible, you could receive help with prescriptions, a grant for your property taxes, and a license plate discount. This program is administered through the Illinois Department on Aging in Springfield.  Applications are available at the township.

Liheap (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program)is a statewide program, which provides energy assistance to eligible individuals for gas and electric bills for the fall and winter.  This program is based out of DuPage County, however applications can also be taken at the township.  The program begins September 1st, with the priority period for Seniors (60+), those who are disabled, and persons with their service disconnected. For all others, the program begins November 1stand runs through May 31stor when the funding runs out. Required documentation: proof of 30 day income, proof of social security numbers for all household members, latest gas and electric bills and lease or mortgage statements. During the time that the LIHEAP program is in effect, the township cannot assist with your gas and electric bills.  All applications are done by appointment only.

If you have questions or would like to apply for any of these programs, contact Laura Pantaleo at (630) 968-2087 ext. 12, for an appointment.  Email:








Access DuPage is a program to help DuPage County residents receive primary care medical services.  Lisle Township residents can make application for this program at the township.  To be eligible you must be a DuPage County resident, be between the ages of 19 and 64 and have a household income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level . You also can not be eligible for any other types of health insurance such as Medicaid, Medicare, All Kids, employer sponsored insurance, student insurance, Cobra, SSI, Family Care, Veterans benefits, etc.  Required documents are original copies of check stubs, unemployment documents, Social Security documents, etc.  Proof of residency must be a lease or current utility bill in your name.

Applications are taken on Tuesdays and Thursdays by appointment only.  You can contact Jim Vondran at (630) 968-2087 ext. 10 to make an appointment.