Purchasing Policy

Icon of Purchasing Policy Purchasing Policy by MM, KK, Version 2018, Ordinance 2017-5 Purchasing Policy.pdf (0.2 MiB) - Purchasing Policy 2018

Sexual Harassment Policy

Icon of Sexual Harassment Policy Sexual Harassment Policy by MM, KL, Version 2018, Lisle Township Sexual Harassment Policy.pdf (0.2 MiB) - Sexual Harassment policy, adopted 2018

Resolution, Sexual Harassment policy

Icon of Resolution, Sexual Harassment policy Resolution, Sexual Harassment policy by KK, MM, Version 2017, Resolution 2017-5 Sexual Harassment Policy.pdf (0.3 MiB) - Resolution for Sexual Harassment policy

Prevailing Wage, 2017

Icon of Prevailing Wage, 2017 Prevailing Wage, 2017 by DuPage County, ey, Prevailing Wage Rates DuPage 060517.pdf (0.6 MiB) - Updated Prevailing wages set forth by DuPage County, 2017

Employee Manual

Icon of Employee Manual Employee Manual, Version 01012017, Employee Handbook012017.pdf (0.5 MiB) - Employee manual for Supervisors office

Meeting By Teleconference

Icon of Meeting By Teleconference Meeting By Teleconference, Meeting by Teleconference.pdf (0.3 MiB)

Lisle Township Investment Policy

Icon of Lisle Township Investment Policy Lisle Township Investment Policy by RT, Version 062813, iNVESTMENT POLICY.docx (18 KiB)