July 20, 2021 Annual Meeting Agenda, Financial Affairs and expenses by vendor, Posted 6/17/2021

7.20.21-annual town hall agenda

The link above is the agenda for the 7/20/2021 Annual meeting of Lisle Township to be held at the Lisle Township Highway garage at 4719 Indiana Ave, Lisle IL 60532 at 7:00 PM (19:00).

Expenses by Vendor Summary Expenses, Fiscal Year 2021

Supervisor’s Statements of Financial Affairs, FY2021

Updated Town and Ga Statements of Financial Affairs 2021  7/23/2021

7.20.21-annual town hall agenda  

Highway Commissioners Annual Report FY2021

(Includes Town, GA and Road and Bridge Funds)

Mosquito Spray #2, Thursday night 7/15

The 2nd application of mosquito control spray will be administered over Lisle Township areas the evening of Thursday July 15.

Agenda, Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees, July 14, 2021

Agenda Lisle Township 7_14_21


Click on the link above for the agenda and Zoom information for the regular meeting of the Lisle Township Board of Trustees, July 14, 2021

Small, scattered yard debris from the Tornado? The Lisle Township Billy Goat might be the answer.


Click on the link above to learn about the Lisle Township Billy Goat.  A device that sweeps up debris on certain surfaces including yards and driveways.



The loan of this equipment and service is free of charge for a period of  2 hours by appointment only with the option for renewal as approved by Lisle Township.   

I forever release Lisle Township, it’s employees and agents, from any and all claims, demands, rights of action or causes of action, present or future, anticipated or unanticipated,  resulting from the use of this equipment.

Date __________________________            Signature_____________________________________________

Updates on Services, etc as of 6:00 PM Monday, Do you need help? Or, have it to give?

Need Help?    Are you able to Help   Call 630-968-2087  

Call 630-968-2087  Before 8:00 AM, leave name and number on extension 18.  After 8:00 AM, ask for Jane, Ruby, Bill or Laura

Below are press releases from COMED and the City of Naperville.

They each contain valuable information on situations from Sunday nights tornado and the resulting damage.

They had to turn off the power, insurance adjusters needed to get evidence to properly compensate and then recovery can happen. The State, county, municipalities, townships, and Red Cross are all working together for the fastest response. Here are 2 great sources of information for help for those who need it and to volunteer help people in the affected areas of our twp.


(2) Facebook

Retired Flags

The Township has accumulated several American flags that have flown over the Township offices over the last 10 years.  These flags have served our people by standing watch over all that pass under them.

In many of the cases, the stripes have become tattered but the stars still shine.

Some of the flags have the retirement date noted on the hoist, some do not.  

Should any person wish to have one of these flags, we will gladly donate one to you.  We will keep them on hand at the township offices (4711 Indiana Ave, Lisle) until the end of July.  The flags that have not been adopted by then will be placed in the hands of the VFW and be cared for ceremoniously by those who have defended our country and have given so much.

Feel free to call us at 630-968-2087 x18

With all the greatest respect, 

👌 Storm Damage, Do you need Help? Food, Advice……

Anyone in need from the tornado / storm overnight can call the Township for help.

The township food pantry is open today and staff is on hand to help you through this time of need to anyone.

Please call 630-968-2087 and staff on duty will do our best to assist in any way we can.


Thank You

The staff and your friends at Lisle Township

AGENDA, Meeting of the Board of Trustees, Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Agenda, June 9th, 2021 Meeting of the Board of Trustees


To access the agenda, click on the link above.



Meeting location

 4711 Indiana Ave

Lisle IL 60532


Passport Service to Resume 5/24 at Lisle Township

Passport service will resume beginning Monday, 5/24/2021 at the Township Office, 4711 Indiana Ave, Lisle IL 60532.

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY          630-968-2087   9 til 3   Monday thru Friday

Items to bring for a new passport

PASSPORT PHOTO, available at Walgreens, CVS, etc.  (We are not doing photos)

Original / Certified copy of Original Birth Certificate or Certificate of Naturalization

ID, (DL, Real ID, Military ID, etc)

Checks or Money Orders  (Call ahead for amounts if using Money Order)

Currently we are only doing standard delivery of passports.  Lead times are long.  No expedites.


Illinois Rental Payment Program / Programa de Pago de Renta de Illinois

IL Rental Payment Program Flyer DuPage County English and Spanish 5.7.2021

The Illinois Rental Payment Program is an assistance program offered to all eligible Illinois renters impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click on the above link to view the official flyer


El Programa de Pago de Alquiler de Illinois es un programa de asistencia ofrecido a todos los inquilinos elegibles de Illinois afectados por la pandemia COVID-19.

Haga clic en el enlace anterior para ver el folleto oficial.

Click on the above link to view the official flyer.