Agenda, Meeting of the Board of Trustees, 12/08/2021

This meeting will be conducted in-person and by audio / video conference. The Board Meeting will be conducted with multiple options for participation. The Zoom link is

The Board Meeting will be conducted in-person at the Lisle Township Board Room to allow for social distancing of the Board and Public. The meeting will also be video recorded and posted online to the Lisle Township YouTube channel ( All public attendees will be required to socially distance and wear masks unless vaccinated. Here is the link to comment publicly.


Agenda Lisle Township Board Meeting ___________________________________________________________                                               

December 8,  2021

  1. Call meeting to order at 7:30PM
  2. Pledge of Allegiance to flag
  3. Roll Call
  4. Public Comments
  5. Approval of the October 13, 2021 Minutes
  6. Approval of the November 10, 2021 Minutes
  7. Approval of the budget process workshop schedule 
  8. Levy History for the Township Fund
  9. Levy History for the Highway Fund
  10.  Discussion of and Action on Estimated Tax Levy Resolution 2023-2, Town Fund and General Assistance
  11.  Discussion of and Action on Tax Levy Resolution, Road District
  12.  Update on the Food Pantry
  13.  Update on General Assistance and Emergency Assistance
  14.  Update from Family & Youth Counselor
  15.  Reports of Elected Officials
  16.  Audit of Expenditures
  17.  Executive Session
  18.  Adjournment


Disabled persons are welcome to our Board Meetings. The Lisle Township office is wheelchair accessible.