Depression & Anxiety Screenings Available with Licensed Township Counselor


Did you know that Lisle Township offers FREE mental health services to its residents with a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor on staff? If you have tried to schedule with a private therapist and found them booked up, not on your health plan or with co-pays too expensive for your budget we can help.

Not sure if you need or want counseling but want to take good care of your mental health and even find out ways to enhance it? Or, feeling depressed or anxious and not sure where to turn or what to do to feel better? A screening and assessment can help you figure this out.

Schedule a free screening and assessment with mental health counselor Sarah Breithaupt, MSEd, LCPC, director of Youth & Family Services for Lisle Township. Sarah is qualified to assess and diagnose for anxiety, depression and other mental health disorders, as well as provide recommendations, counseling and community resource referrals.

Even if you don’t feel you have anything serious going on, mental health check-ups (like those with your doctor for your physical health) is good preventative care and can enhance your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Sarah stands ready to help and is available for both in person and virtual appointments. Contact her at or call (630) 968-2087, ext. 14.

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