Assessor’s Office

The New Assessor’s Office is OPEN at 2121 Ogden Ave, Lisle.

The new site is directly North of the Township Offices at 4711 Indiana


The Lisle Township Assessor’s office located at 4721 Indiana Ave was abandoned in 2015 due to persistent mold issues. Since that time, the Township has leased office space for the Assessor and staff. The Township has been investigating a permanent office space solution and has developed 6 potential options to rebuild the current site, purchase space, or continue renting office space.

An overview of the issue and options was presented at the Annual Meeting in April of 2018.  A copy of the presentation can be found here.

The next step is to conduct Public Feedback Sessions.  Your voice is critical in the decision-making process. These Feedback Sessions will provide an overview of the problem and the potential options, and then focus on questions and discussion. We will take in your feedback, and present it to the Township Board and to the public in a future meeting.

This flyer provides additional information about the dates and locations of the three options for meetings. Please note that each meeting will have the same format and content, and attendance at just one meeting will ensure your voice is heard.

An agenda for each meeting is available as well posted here.

The Presentation for the Public Feedback Sessions, which overviews the various options and considerations, is available here.

Individual feedback was collected through forms in each Public Feedback Session.  This form was also available online through SurveyMonkey.  The period for providing Feedback has closed.

A presentation was provided to residents at a Special Town Meeting on September 12, 2018.  This presentation, available here, summarizes the results of the Public Feedback Sessions and recommendations for moving forward. At the Special Town Meeting, the residents of Lisle Township voted to pursue a long-term lease and demolish the existing building.