Minutes of Regular Meeting 1/9/2008




CALL TO ORDER:  The Regular Meeting of the Board of Town Trustees was called to order by Supervisor Clarke at 7:30 p.m., at the Lisle Township office, 4711 Indiana Avenue, Lisle, IL.

1.         Roll Call:

Physically Present:

Supervisor Charles Clarke

Highway Commissioner Michael Dow

Assessor John Trowbridge

Trustee Sam Smith

Trustee Vito Modica

Clerk Richard Tarulis

Present Electronically:



Trustee Patti Voras

Trustee Robert Klaeren

Others Present:


2.         Public Comments: None.

3.            Approval of Minutes: Motion by Trustee Modica to approve the minutes of the December 12, 2007 Town Board meeting.  Second by Supervisor Clarke.  Voice vote, all in favor, motion passed.

4.            Discussion of Preliminary 2008 – 09 Budget: Supervisor Clarke reviewed the draft budget that was handed out at the last meeting. Trustees made a few comments and asked questions.  No adjustments were made in the draft budget.  There was a consensus that no budget workshop special meeting will be scheduled.

Highway Commissioner Dow presented the tentative budget for the Road District funds.  There will be very limited funds available for the amount of work he would like to do.  The new building is paid for and not included in this budget.

Motion by Trustee Smith to approve and post the tentative Town budget as presented.  Second by Trustee Modica.  Voice vote, all in favor, motion passed.

Motion by Trustee Smith to approve and post the tentative Road District budget as presented.  Second by Trustee Modica.  Voice vote, all in favor, motion passed.

5.         Report of Township Supervisor: Supervisor Clarke thanked all officials for contributions to the food pantry during the holidays.  The statewide no-smoking law is now in effect, and smoking in township vehicles is prohibited. Smoking in township buildings has been prohibited for years.  Ride DuPage received a $30,000 contribution from the City of Aurora at the end of the year. The 2008 Ride DuPage contract with PACE has been signed.  Our contribution is in the budget.  The Lisle Chamber of Commerce anniversary dinner is February 8.

6.         Reports of Township Officers:  Assessor Trowbridge – Assessed value complaints are being received and processed.

Highway Commissioner Dow reported that the closing took place for the purchase of the land and building to the east of the current Highway Department site.  Mr. Dow described an opportunity to nominate a high school student to the Naval Academy.  He has the information at his office.

7.         Other Business:  None.

8.         Audit of Expenditures:

Motion by Trustee Smith to audit expenditures.  Second by Trustee Modica.  Voice vote, all in favor, motion passed.

The following total expenditures in each fund were reviewed:

Town Fund                               $  36,366.46

General Assistance Fund    $    3,836.95

Road & Bridge Fund             $1,034,239.02 (including land acquisition)

Motion by Trustee Modica to approve the audit of the expenditures.  Second by Trustee Smith.

Roll Call Vote:

Ayes: Smith, Modica, Clarke

Nays:  None

Absent:  Voras, Klaeren, (Motion Passed.)

9.         Motion to Adjourn:  Motion to adjourn by Trustee Modica, second by Trustee Smith.  Voice vote, all in favor, motion passed.  The meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Richard J. Tarulis

Township Clerk

Next regular meeting Wednesday, February 13, 2008, at 7:30 p.m. at the Lisle Township office