Prevailing Wage Effective November 20, 2018 Link

Current Prevailing Wage Rates can be found at the following link:

Youth in Crisis Coalition: “We Need to do Something”


Agenda, March 14, 2018

Agenda March 14 2018

Agenda for the August meeting of the trustees

Agenda August 10, 2016


Agenda for the August Meeting of the Trustees

Cooling Center, Movie Day 7/22/2016

Lisle Township is open as a cooling center during regular operating hours (8:30 to 4:00 M-F)

Lisle Township will be showing two family movies “G or PG” on Friday July 22nd with a “Cold” theme.

The viewing room seats 20 residents, first come first serve.

First film to start at 12:45, second film approximately 2:30.


This event is free and open to residents of Lisle Township

2015 Accounts Payable Check Run

Accounts Payable 2015 Check Run

Agenda for the 2016 March Meeting of the Trustees

Agenda March 9, 2016

Agenda for the 2016 March Meeting of the Trustees

Agenda, Trustees Meeting 2/10/2016

Agenda February 10, 2016

Agenda, January Meeting of the Trustees

Agenda January 13, 2016