Highway Department Updates and News

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Prentice Drive – Southcrest Drive Drainage Improvement Project


Prentiss-Southcrest Residents Letter – 5-9-2016

Letter and supporting information on the Prentice Drive – Southcrest Drive Drainage Improvement Project conducted by the Lisle Township Highway Department.

If you have any questions, please call 630-964-0057


Highway Spring and Summer Newsletter

2016 Spring Newsletterv2 040816

The above link will provide information on all things Highway.  Including brush pickups and general information.  Always feel free to call the Highway department at 630-964-0057


Ed Young

Latex Paint Recycling

DC – PW Latex Paint Flyer (004)

The flyer linked explains times and locations for DuPage County Latex Disposal/Recycling

Smart 911, From the office of Sheriff Zaruba


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The above link is a letter from the office of Sheriff John E. Zaruba.  It is an informational letter describing the Smart 911 program.  This program allows residents to go online and enter certain information about your household and any special needs that a 911 call may need.

Information such as family members who have vision or hearing impairments.  Suffer from Alzheimer’s, Autism or any condition that will assist first responders react to your special needs.

Furthermore, a count of family members, ages, and even pets may save a life of everyone in the home during a fire.

All information is private.



Assessor’s Office, NEW ADDRESS

The Lisle Township Assessor’s office has moved from 4721 Indiana to 4925 Indiana in Lisle IL.

Assessor’s business at the new address will begin at 8:00, 11/19/2015 until further notice.


The office is one building South of the old address and has it’s own parking lot, not serviced by the existing Township campus.