Summer LIHEAP and PIPP Programs

There will be no assistance through LIHEAP this summer.  Program cuts will not allow for the funds needed.

LIHEAP winter program is expected to continue as usual beginning September 1st, October 1st and November 2nd.  The PIPP program however has been discontinued because of the program cuts.  Regular LIHEAP will be the only program for winter 2015-2016.

Agenda, July 8th meeting of the Board of Trustees

Agenda July 8, 2015

Prevailing Wage Ordinances

The 2015 prevailing wage ordinances have been posted under documents, miscellaneous financial, 2015

E-Mail information List

If you would like to receive an email from the Township when postings to the website occur, please send an e-mail to :

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact Bill Green at 630-968-2087  x18


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Mosquito Spraying Begins 6/16/2015

Mosquito spraying in the Township begins tonight (6/16/2015).  Clarke Mosquito will provide these services.

Agenda for June 10 Board of Trustees Meeting

Agenda June 10, 2015


Agenda for June 10 Board of Trustees Meeting



Waste / Recycling Public Meeting, June 9, 2015

Waste hauler Meeting

Click on the above link to learn more about the Waste / Recycling public meeting to be held at the Lisle Township Supervisors office at 4711 Indiana in Lisle.

June 9th, 2015 @ 6:30 PM

This meeting is being held to obtain resident input towards our expiring waste contract (12/31/2015) and moving forward.

This contract covers the unincorporated areas of Lisle Township only.

For any information, feel free to contact Bill Green @ 630-968-2087 x18 or Rick Tarulis at x19.

Agenda for the May Board of Trustees Meeting

Agenda May 13, 2015

Agenda for the April Board of Trustees Meeting

Agenda April 14, 2015

Agenda For Annual Meeting, 4/14/2015

Agenda Town Meeting April 14, 2015


Please use the link above to view the agenda for the annual town meeting to be held on April 14, 2015 at 4721 Indiana Ave, Lisle Illinois.

(4721 is the Assessors office, lower level)