Agenda, Annual Meeting, April 9, 2019

Agenda Town Meeting April 9, 2019

Agenda link above for the Annual Meeting of the Board of Trustees and the Electors of Lisle Township

Agenda, Meeting of the Trustees March 13, 2019

Agenda March 13, 2019


Agenda attached with link above

Shred Day, Lisle Township / DuPage County 4/27

Lisle Township and DuPage County will co-host a paper shred day on Saturday, April 27th at the Lisle Township Supervisors office (4711 Indiana Ave, Lisle IL 60532) from 9:00 until Noon or earlier if the shred truck becomes full. 10,000 lbs

Residents of DuPage County my bring up to 3 bags/bankers boxes of paper goods to be shredded on site.  Regular staples do not need to be removed however binder clips and plastic folders can not be put into the shredder.

This program is intended for residential produced records and staff will be on hand to assist in the process.  Staff also maintains the responsibility to determine the difference between residential and commercial as well as verifying DuPage County residency.

This is a drive thru process and items are shredded fairly quickly.  If you want to view the actual shredding of your documents, please park your vehicle and use the available carts to bring your paper to the shredder and you will be able to watch your items being destroyed.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact the Lisle Township office at 630-968-2087.

March 13, Budget Hearings for the FYE2020 Town, GA and Road District Budgets and supporting documents.

Tentative Budget 2020

Statement of Sources FYE 033120


Notice of Public Hearing Township Town Fund and General Assistance Budge.._

Notice of Public Hearing Township Road Distrct Budget 2019-20

The above links are the notices for the Budget hearings to be held on March 13, 2019 for the Fiscal Year Ending (FYE) 2020

Agenda, Regular meeting of the Board of Trustees 2/13/2019

Agenda February 13, 2019

Resolution 2019-1 (LTRD – NTRD Consolidation issue)

Resolution 2019-1

On February 6, the Lisle Township Board passed a Resolution opposing the Naperville Township referendum to abolish the Naperville Township Road District and have Naperville Township assume the duties of the Road District.  Lisle Township opposes the referendum because it has the potential to disregard the previous vote of the Lisle Township residents to consolidate the Lisle Township Road District and Naperville Township Road District.

2018 Full Mosquito Report

Lisle Township – Annual Report 2018

The above link will display the 2018 annual report from Clarke Mosquito and our battle with the itch.

Passports by Appointment

Beginning with the new year, we ask that you call ahead to make an appointment for a passport. The Township offers this service and to better the experience, appointment times are necessary. This will allow one of our 4 passport agents to set aside time, specifically for you and your passport needs. We felt this was necessary as our agents have several other responsibilities within our office. Senior Services, General Assistance, Township Finances and basic needs like covering the office during the lunch hour. If a walk-in situation occurs, we will make an effort to accommodate that person if an agent is available or assist you in making an appointment time in the future.

The Passport Fees must be paid with a check or money order. Each passport must have its own payment. The Execution fee (a paid fee to the Township) shall be paid by check or cash. No credit cards, debit cards, electronic payments of any kind are accepted for Passports.

Thank You

Passport Hours are from 9:00 until 3:00 M-F and these hours are strictly enforced.. There are some federal Holidays that the Township is open but the Passport office is closed as must be able to communicate with that Federal Office.

2/6/2019 Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees, RESCHEDULED

Rescheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees concerning the consolidation of Lisle and Naperville Road Districts 2/6/2019

.Agenda Special Meeting 2019-02-06
More to follow

Warming at Lisle Township and Food Pantry

The Township offices are open Monday thru Friday from 8:30 until 4:00 for the use as a warming center,

Feel free to come to 4711 Indiana to get warm and be safe. Our staff will do whatever we can to make your day a little better.

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday the food pantry is open as well as being a warm place.

Tuesday and Thursdays, we can probably round up a cup of coffee or maybe even hot chocolate or tea.

We also have Free Wi-Fi available. If we have more than a few, we may even be able to get one of our Township officials or Sr. staff members to stop in for an open chat.


Your Lisle Township Staff