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Spring 2017 Newsletter Scanned

The Spring 2017 Newsletter!


  1. I have noticed you are working at the corner of Koehler and Snowdrop. 10 plus years ago the north side of that intersection watermain work was performed. The curb has settled down below the adjoining broken curb by the Hydrant. Water been the the curb even in dry weather. I have bought to several of our street workers. I told them that they need to run a test on the water to prove it is coming for the previous repair section and now since they worked on the leaks along Primrose the SW corner of said intersection we have had standing water on the pavement and along the curb in dry days. During the last repair work along Primrose water was shotting up out of the storm structure at the SW corner( it was coming up out the structure about 2′ above the rim. I noticed today that the equipment working in the said around was pumping up the pavement. I toke pictures showing a none stop running of water traveling under the pavement into the excavation. Where all that silt water coming from? Moving silt indicates voids now under the pavement and I know EPA has regs put in place though NESHAPS. Check the pumping of the binder. First need to fix leaks the verify wash out roadway base. Should be put a bandaid over a problem it will bite you in the tail later. Observeratons were made during bandaids times.

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