July 3rd, Mosquito Report

Lisle Township -June Monthly Program


Click on the link to learn about the current mosquito situation in Lisle Township.




  1. Cynthia Grunze says:

    We have an abundance of mosquitos, are there plans to spray our neighborhood? Thank you. Address: Wayewood Ln, Naperville, IL 60565

    • Our most current conversation with Clarke is that an expected hatching of mosquitos are to take place this week if they have not already hatched. Ongoing spraying is taking place by road fogger truck and by aircraft. Clarke mosquito sprays low lying areas along the road sides and property owned by the Township. There are many areas behind homes with low standing water, creeks and runoff that we are unable to spray. Furthermore, there are large areas in the Township that are not sprayed, such as the Forest Preserve. We are fully aware of the heavy mosquito population this year and the situation has been discussed by the Trustees and the public at the last Board meeting held on 7/11.

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