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Lisle Township May 2014 Monthly Report


The monthly report from Clarke Mosquito.  Click on link abaove.


  1. Is there going to be any spraying for mosquitoes soon. I have never seen them this bad. We have had much more rain this August than the rain you mentioned in June. HELP PLEASE!!!

    I would appreciate a return email.

    Judi Yang

    • Typically, with the beginning of September the mosquito season comes to an end. Clarke mosquito has reported all year that we have had a very bad season for the non-nile mosquito. Fortunately, the mosquitos we have just make us itch. At the same time, they are a problem and Clarke cannot find every area that has a severe problem. With our residents help, you can call 800.942.2555 IL Mosquito Hotline and speak with them about hitting your specific neighborhood. Feel free to contact them and report your address.

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